SF Model Gallery



I thought I'd post up a few pictures of some of the SF models I've built over the years.

Just one or two to start with, but I'll add more as time permits ( and I either finish ones I'm working on or dig others out of storage )


Shuttlecraft Narcissus from the movie Alien

Built from the Halcyon kit


Sky 1 from Gerry Anderson's UFO

I built this around 20 years ago - from memory it was an Imai kit, with all the 'toy' features removed


Buck Roger's Starfighter

Again, another old kit, from the Buck Rogers TV series & movie


Star Trek shuttlecraft Galileo


Battlestar Galactica ( original version ) Viper

If memory serves I built this 33 years ago, when the original series pilot had just been released as a movie


Russian Mini-Shuttle

This is a resin model, based I think on the MiG 105 - it's quite small at 65mm long



Another small resin model, this depicts a fully reusable shuttle based on the Lockheed Starclipper together with a manned flyback booster


Thunderbird 2

Another old one, built over 20 years ago from an Imai kit I think - I wonder where the landing legs went to :-)


Planet of the Apes spaceship

A simple vacform kit of the spaceship from the Planet of the Apes movie - it originally came with a base depicting the crash site in the first movie, but it's gone missing sometime in the last 25 years.


SHADO Mobile from Gerry Anderson's UFO


Star Trek USS Asimov

Modified Ertl Enterprise kit, this design is one listed in the book 'Starfleet Technical Manual'


Star Trek USS Resolution

Another modified Ertl Enterprise, this time representing an earlier version of the Miranda Class ( USS Reliant ) seen in the movie 'Wrath of Khan'



Star Trek USS Gagarin

Vacform kit - sold during a recent clearout


Star Trek USS Neptune

Modified Ertl kit - recently sold during a clearout


Battlestar Galactica

Original series Battlestar Galactica - another victim of my clearout


Space 1999

Apologies for the poor picture quality, these were scanned from old photos - the Hawk is now sold and the two Eagles are somewhere in my loft and in need of repair


Star Trek USS Stargazer

WARP resin & GRP kit, a little battered over the years. This is a pretty big model at 22" long



Star Trek USS Victory

Ertl Enterprise with a vacform conversion kit added


Star Trek USS Hermes

Modified Ertl Enterprise kit


Gone, but not forgotten

Models sold during my recent clearout ( I needed the space ), including some small white metal models