BAe Sea Hawk

By 2013 it was becoming apparent to the Royal Navy that thanks to ongoing political wrangling over ‘sensitive technology’ it was in real danger of not getting its F-35 aircraft, and was likely to end up with two shiny new aircraft carriers with no aircraft to fly off them. Several options were considered, and it was eventually decided to follow up two proposals – one to refurbish a number of Sea Harrier FA.2s and embark them along with a number of GR.9 Harriers, and the second to alter the carriers to operate CTOL aircraft by installing catapults and an angled flight deck ( the ships were already designed with this modification in mind ). Due to limited space only relatively small aircraft could be accommodated, and it was agreed to procure a number of BAe Sea Hawk II aircraft, in two versions, for the new carrier squadrons.

The Sea Hawk II is based on the USN T-45 Goshawk in so far as its carrier compatibility is concerned ( tailhook, uprated landing gear, revised airbrakes etc. ), with the GR.1 utilising the forward fuselage and systems from the Hawk 100 family. Similarly the F.1 variant uses the forward fuselage of the Hawk 200 family.

Forward fuselages from an Italeri Hawk 100 and Matchbox Hawk 200, rear fuselages, wings, nosewheel bays etc. from a couple of Italeri T-45 Goshawks

Edit: The above was written in November 2008 - rather prophetic, given the recent defence cuts !