Vigilante F.1

With the increasing threat from air launched stand-off missiles in the mid 70s, the RAF needed more aircraft capable of neutralising the launch aircraft at distances beyond the effective range of the missiles. The existing Arrows were upgraded with the AWG-9 weapon system, and a number of F-111K interceptors with the same weapon system were also procured. However the RAF identified a need for yet more long range interceptor aircraft, at a lower cost than the refurbished/new-build Arrows and F-111Ks with the AWG-9,  accepting that such an aircraft would also have a slightly less capable weapon system. The solution was found by firstly modifying a Vigilante GR.1A as a prototype, then with additional USN surplus RA-5C airframes being purchased and modified.

Modifications involved reprofiling of the nose to house the Ferranti AN/AWG-11 fire control system with its larger radar scanner ( conferring Sparrow/Skyflash capability ), with three missiles semi-submerged under the fuselage. To offset some of the additional weight the wing and fin folding mechanisms were deleted, and fuel tanks semi-permanently fitted in the weapons bay. The wing pylons were also wired for both the SARH missiles, and the outer two also had Sidewinder capability.

Built from the Revell kit, using a Phantom nosecone.