'What If' Gallery


What if, or speculative modelling, involves making models which while generally based on reality have a twist or unusual feature which could have happened but didn't. Often each model is accompanied by a fictional 'backstory' which explains how it may have come about.

So here, in no particular order, are some of the 'what if' models I've built over recent years. Click on the headings to open pages with more photos.


General Dynamics/BAe F16-E & F-16F

North American A-5B Vigilante


Saunders Roe SR.53B


English Electric Lightning F.7


Orion III - if Kubrick had known ?


British Aerospace TSR.2 ECR.2


Early British Missile Fighters

North American Vigilante GR.1


Vigilante F.1


Vigilante F.2


Vigilante S.1


Vigilante GR.1A


Vigilante GR.2


Vigilante F.3

Vigilante F.4

Cobra F.1

F-20 Tigershark

Horten 229


Destroyer AEW.1

Fairey Delta F.1

FB-58F Hustler

Avro Canada CF-100 'Clunk'

F/A-23C 'Pink Widow'

Avro Canada Arrow F.Mk1

B-47K Stratojet

RAN Sea Vixen

CAF Javelin

FAA Grumman Cougar

FAA McDonnell F4D Manta


CAF F-22 Raptor

NASA Sukhoi S37 Berkut

Douglas F3D-4 Skyknight


USAF Aggressor SU-21

Arado E.555

S-3K Viking

RAF F-16 T

BAe Sea Hawk


Grumman RA-12B Dark Avenger

It's a Tornado Jim, but not as we know it....

F-108A Rapier

Project Aurora RA-5S Vigilante

British Spaceplanes