Martin's Models

1/144 Scale


CM & SPS Apollo spacecraft

Saturn 1B

SA-201SA-203 SA-204 SA-205 Apollo 7 S-1 Spider Plate S-IVB Thrust structure 1st stage decals

Uprated Saturn 1B

Saturn 1B MLV11.5A Saturn 1B MLV11.7A Saturn 1B MLV14 Saturn 1B MLV 15

Saturn 1

Block 1 SA-1 to SA-3Block 1 SA-4Block II SA-5 kit Block II SA-6 to SA-10 kit

Saturn II

Saturn II INT-17 Saturn II INT-18 Saturn II INT-19

Saturn V

F-1 Engine set S-II Thrust structure S-IVB Thrust structure S-II LH2 Dome INT-20 Conversion kit

Saturn C

Saturn C-2 conversion kit Saturn C-3 Saturn C-8

NASA Constellation

Ares 1 Ares V PARIS

DIRECT Jupiter

Jupiter J-130 Jupiter J-246

NASA Space Launch System

SLS Block 0 SLS Block 1 SLS Block1A