1/144 NASA Constellation Ares 1

The Ares 1 formed part of NASA's now cancelled Constellation programme, and would have been used to launch the Orion CEV into Earth orbit. It used a solid booster based on those used by the Shuttle as a first stage, and a new cryogenic 2nd stage using an udated version of the J-2 engine used during the Apollo programme. The original design envisaged the 1st stage to be the same 4 segment design as the Shuttle SRBs, but as the design was developed revised estimates of the Orion's mass made it necessary to upgrade it to 5 and then 5.5 segments.


The finished model stands approximately 75cm high, and due to the fact that the long, thin design is rather unstable I've included a display stand in the kit ( The stand is also available separately )

Resin parts ( stand not shown )

Finished model

Price 28.00 + p&p