1/144 NASA Ares V

The Ares V was the heavy cargo lift element of NASA’s Constellation programme which, along with the Ares 1 manned launcher, was intended to place men back on the moon. It consisted of a core stage with solid boosters, and an Earth Departure Stage ( EDS ) with payload. It was cancelled by the Obama administration in 2010, to be replaced by the SLS.

During the programme the Ares V design evolved through many iterations, with various stage diameters and engine numbers. The kit represents one of the later proposed configurations with both core and 2nd stage of 10m diameter, a core stage with six RS-68 engines, and 5.5 segment Solid Rocket Boosters. Height of the rocket was to be approximately 116m, around 5m taller than a Saturn V, with a payload of over 180 tonnes to low Earth orbit.

The kit stands approximately 85cm high, consists of 44 resin parts and includes decals.


The resin parts


Stacked, alongside my Ares 1 and an Airfix Skylab



Price 65.00 + p&p