1/144 Apollo Saturn C-2

Resin kit of the proposed Saturn C-2 launcher. Prior to the selection of the Lunar Orbit Rendezvous mission mode, the C-2 was planned to be used to assemble a lunar lander in Earth orbit, and to send an early lightweight version of the Apollo spacecraft ( Apollo-A ) around the moon. It was cancelled in favour of the larger C-3 ( kit coming soon ;-) ) before that in turn was cancelled when the C-5/Saturn V was selected.

Available either as a full kit or as a conversion kit for the Airfix Saturn 1B

The conversion kit includes the S-II-4 second stage, with 4 x J-2 engines, the S-IV stage, 1st stage spider plate, CM & SPS, and the IU & spacecraft adaptor and requires the 1st stage, interstage, Apollo spacecraft, and decals from the Airfix kit. The full kit version includes the 1st stage, Interstage, Apollo, and decals

Finished model stands approx 550mm high

Original diagram and finished model ( Airfix conversion )


Resin parts for conversion kit

Finished model


Conversion kit 25.00 + p&p

Full kit 40.00 +p&p