1/144 Apollo Saturn C-3


Resin kit to build the proposed Apollo Saturn C-3 launcher. Prior to the selection of the Lunar Orbit Rendezvous mission mode, the C-3 was planned to be used to assemble a lunar lander in Earth orbit, supplanting the earlier C-2 design when the weight of the Apollo spacecraft grew too great for the smaller booster to launch. It in turn was cancelled when the C-5/Saturn V was selected.

The kit includes the S-1 stage, with two F-1 engines, S-II-4 second stage, with 4 x J-2 engines, the S-IV stage, Apollo spacecraft, the IU & spacecraft adaptor, and decals, totalling 33 resin parts.

Finished model stands approx 675mm high.

Original sketch v. finished model

Resin parts

Finished model

Price 47.00