1/144 NASA DIRECT Jupiter-130

Proposed as an alternative to the now defunct Ares launcher programme, the Jupiter-130 was designed to carry crew and cargo into Earth Orbit. Derived from the Shuttle External Tank and Solid Rocket Boosters, the Jupiter would have been capable of placing up to 77 tonnes into low Earth orbit, or sending up to 66 tonnes to the ISS. The kit can also be used to build the Jupiter-120 variant by simply deleting one of the core stage engines – this lower performance version could send up to 43 tonnes to the ISS.

The current SLS bears many resemblances to the Jupiter proposals

( see http://www.directlauncher.com/ for full details of the Jupiter family of launchers ).

The kit is available in four versions - standard Crew or Cargo versions, and Heavy ( 5 segment boosters and longer payload shroud ) Crew or Cargo

Resin parts

Finished model, showing alternate cargo and manned versions

Yes, the 1st stage is supposed to only have 3 engines :-)

Lineup of J-130, J-246, and J-246 Heavy


J-130 Crew 55.00
J-130 Cargo 53.00
J-130-H Crew 58.00
J-130-H Cargo 56.00

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