1/144 PARIS Parallel Rocket launch System


The PARIS launcher is a proposal to combine existing launcher technology to produce a vehicle capable of lofting payloads in the 500 tonne class.


In its original form, the idea was the product of combining the Delta IV Heavy growth methodology to the Ares V core stage, initially based on the original 8.4m diameter Shuttle derived Ares V design with later variants using the subsequent 10m diameter design. It utilises an Ares V as the core, with additional Ares V stages acting as boosters. To avoid the need for air-starting engines, all engines ignite at liftoff with fuel being crossfed between boosters and core in such a way that the boosters are emptied and jettisoned while the core stage is still burning. Due to the parallel booster design, the boosters are referred to as stages, with the 1st stage being those whose fuel is depleted first.

The diagrams below show the proposed engine burn sequence, with variations depending on the number of boosters and whether the 5 engined 8.4m or 7 engined 10m Ares V is used.

8.4m Version

10m Version

Such a rocket may be the cheapest and quickest route to a 500+ tonne class launcher possibly required for a 'killer-asteroid' interception mission.

Modified Ares V thrust structure, with 7 engine positions instead of 6


Due to the modular nature of the PARIS design, there is no 'kit' as such - instead modellers are invited to select the parts required to build the version they want from the list below. All aprts are identical to the ones used in the 'parent' kit from which the PARIS design was evolved i.e. the 10m parts are from the Ares V kit, the 8.4m parts are from my SLS or Jupiter kits.


8.4m Core/Booster stage - 36cm long with 5x SSME engines 40.00

8.4m Core/Booster stage - 43cm long with 5x SSME engines 50.00

8.4m Booster nosecone 2.00

8.4m payload shroud 12cm 5.00

8.4m payload shroud 17cm 7.00

8.4m wide payload shroud 22cm 10.00

8.4m wide payload shroud 32cm 13.00

8.4m Upper stage - 11cm long inc. interstage with J2X engine 18.00

10m Core/Booster stage - 48cm long with 7 RS-68 engines 55.00

10m Booster nosecone 2.50

10m Upper stage - 16cm long inc. interstage with J2X engine 15.00

10m payload shroud 19cm 10.00

10m payload shroud 29cm 13.00