SLS Block 0


An early reference design for the SLS, the Block 0 configuration is based on a standard length Shuttle External Tank structure and four segment SRB boosters, and is almost identical in concept and performance to the DIRECT Jupiter 130. It uses three RS-25 SSME engines in the core stage, with no upper stage, and is estimayed to be able to place approximately 70 metric tonnes into low Earth orbit.

Currently it is not certain that any Block 0 vehicles will be built, the heavier Block 1 configuration being preferred for the early SLS flights.

The kit comprises 34 resin parts. As no firm decision was ever made regarding the layout of the three core stage engines, parts are included for either all three being peripherally mounted ( leaving one bay empty ) or inline using a centrally mounted engine.

Decals are provided for the black & white colour scheme shown in NASA’s publicity material, though many think it likely that operational vehicles will dispense with this scheme and fly in the same raw polyurethane foam brown/orange colour as seen on the Shuttle tanks.

The kit is available in three versions - Crew ( with Orion CEV ), Cargo with 120mm long payload shroud, and Cargo Long with 175mm long payload shroud. Both payload shrouds are the same diameter as the core stage, though I am also working on wider shrouds to reflect the 10m versions NASA have planned.


Resin parts


SLS Block 0 Crew


SLS Block 0 Cargo



SLS Block 0 Cargo Long



SLS Block 0 Crew 55.00
SLS Block 0 Cargo 53.00
SLS Block 0 Cargo Long 55.00

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