SLS Block 1

The kit is based on the Block 1 SLS-1000X configuration from the 'Space launch System Program Launch Vehicle Specification' document issued by NASA 26th Jan 2012, and uses a stretched version of the Shuttle External Tank as its core stage, with four RS-25 SSME engines and two 5-segment boosters.

The kit comprises 40 resin parts and stands 650mm high ( Crew version ). Decals are provided for the black & white colour scheme shown in NASA’s publicity material as well as the later 'orange tank' version.

The kit is available in four versions - Crew ( with Orion CEV ), Cargo with 120mm long payload shroud, Cargo Long with 175mm long payload shroud, and Cargo Wide with a 68mm ( 10m fullsize ) diameter shroud.

Resin Parts for the Crew version with Orion CEV


Model finished in the latest colour scheme from NASA, replacing the earlier white & black scheme. This model also has the revised thrust structure without external ribbing, and the revised second stage/spacecraft adaptor, Orion service module, and escape system.


Standard, Long, and Wide cargo shrouds.


Complete model disassembled - this is the prototype in the original black/white colour scheme and early Orion Escape System



SLS Block 1 Crew 60.00
SLS Block 1 Cargo 55.00
SLS Block 1 Cargo Long 56.00
SLS Block 1 Cargo Wide


plus P&P