1/144 Saturn 1B 1st stage decals

These decals are designed to simplify the task of reproducing the colour scheme of the Saturn 1B 1st stage as used for the first five launches ( after Apollo 7 SA-205 all the tanks were painted white, as the black had been found to absorb too much heat from the Florida sun, causing the tank skins to buckle due to expansion ). Includes mission numbers for the first and third launches SA-201 and -202 ( SA-203 was launched out of sequence ), SA-203 & -204 numbers are supplied with the relevant conversion kits, and SA-205 is supplied with the Airfix kit.

Once dried, the decals should be coated with an oil based varnish such as clear polyurethane - this turns the eggshell coloured backing transparent, and also darkens the black parts of the decals.

Price 1.50 + p&p