1/144 Apollo Saturn 1B MLV11.5A

Resin kit to convert the Airfix Saturn 1B into one of the MLV 11.5A configurations.

A range of uprated Saturn 1B configurations were studied by NASA during the 1960s. This version used two or four 5 segment solid boosters attached to a first stage with either 0, 10', or 20' extension to increase payload from the standard 1B's 19 tonnes to around 40 tonnes.

The resin kit comproses parts to construct four 5 segment boosters and either a 10' or 20' extended 1st stage

( pictures to follow soon - boosters are shorter versions of those in the MLV11.7A and INT-18 kits )



Standard 1st stage ( uses Airfix stage ) 19.00 + p&p

10' stretch 1st stage 27.00 + p&p

20' stretch 1st stage 29.00 + p&p