1/144 Apollo Saturn 1B MLV11.7A / INT-11

Resin kit to convert the Airfix Saturn 1B into the 'long' MLV 11.7A configuration, which had the length of the first stage extended by 20'.

A range of uprated Saturn 1B configurations were studied by NASA during the 1960s. This version used two or four 7 segment solid boosters attached a first stage extended by 6m/20' to increase payload from the standard 1B's 19 tonnes to around 48 tonnes. A reduced payload capacity was also available using 5 segment boosters. The MLV-11 would have used the boosters as a Stage 0, with the core S-1B stage engines igniting as the boosters burned out, while the outwardly identical MLV-12 would have ignited the S-1B at the same time as the boosters.

The resin kit comprises parts to construct four 7 segment boosters ( 5 segment one can be made by omitting one section ) and an extended 1st stage ( requires some Airfix parts )

Conversion parts

Completed model

Price 31.00 + p&p