1/144 Apollo Saturn 1B MLV15 / INT-15

Resin kit to convert the Airfix Saturn 1B into one of the MLV 15 configurations.

A range of uprated Saturn 1B configurations were studied by NASA during the 1960s. This version used eight small solid boosters attached to the first stage to increase payload from the standard 1B's 19 tonnes to around 23 tonnes. Three sub-variants were planned, with either a standard length first stage, a 10 foot longer 1st stage, or a 20 foot longer 1st stage.

The conversion kits comprise parts to construct the longer 1st stages ( where applicable ), and 8 boosters.

( pictures show a standard length INT15 using the Airfix 1st stage - the stretched 1st stages are similar to the 11.7A kit one )



Standard 1st stage ( uses Airfix 1st stage ) 6.00 + p&p

10' stretch 1st stage 24.00 + p&p

20' stretch 1st stage 26.00 + p&p