1/144 Apollo Saturn II INT-17

Resin kit to convert the Airfix Saturn V or Skylab kit into the Saturn II INT-17 variant.

The INT-17 was one of a range of intermediate performance launchers proposed to fill the gap between the Saturn 1B and the Saturn V. The Saturn INT-17 was the first derivative of the Saturn II to be considered. It differed from the baseline Saturn II in having a modified first stage. The original five J-2 engines were to be replaced with seven HG-3 engines, which were thought to offer better performance. The HG-3 was dropped when it was decided that J-2 engines would have better overall performance, and be more reliable and cost-effective. The INT-17 was expected to ba able to plase approximately 42 tonnes into low Earth orbit.


The resin kit consists of the S-II base/heatshield and seven sea-level J-2 engines with insulating batting. Using the Skylab kit allows a variety of alternative payload configurations.


Resin parts


Complete with Apollo payload, SA204 type shroud ( SLA & nosecone ), Skylab shroud, Skylab + SLA & nosecone. View of base of S-II stage


Price 6.50 + p&p