1/144 Apollo Saturn II INT-18

Resin kit to convert the Airfix Saturn V or Skylab kit into the Saturn II INT-18 variant.

The INT-18 was one of a range of intermediate performance launchers proposed to fill the gap between the Saturn 1B and the Saturn V.

The Saturn INT-18 was designed to be supplemented by two or four large solid booster rockets. The UA1205 and UA1207 boosters were considered, with the most powerful configuration, featuring four UA1207 boosters, capable of placing 66 tonnes into low Earth orbit.

Designers also considered changing the amount of fuel loaded into the rocket, and whether to ignite the S-II stage on the ground, or whether to launch using the solids, and start the main stage in flight. Some designs even omitted the S-IVB stage, leaving just a single S-II stage, and boosters.


The resin kit consists of the S-II base/heatshield, five sea-level J-2 engines with insulating batting, and part to construct four 1205 or 1207 boosters.


A part completed model, with resin parts for one booster.

Completed model

Price 25.00 + p&p