1/144 Apollo Saturn II INT-19

Resin kit to convert the Airfix Saturn V or Skylab kit into the Saturn II INT-19 variant.

The INT-19 was one of a range of intermediate performance launchers proposed to fill the gap between the Saturn 1B and the Saturn V.

In common with the Saturn INT-18, the INT-19 also used SRBs to supplement the power of the S-II, However instead of the large boosters of the -18 it used smaller solids derived from the first stage of the Minuteman missile. It was intended to use between four and twelve solids, with some being started at lift-off, and some being started in flight.

The heaviest configuration would have consisted of twelve SRBs, with eight started at launch, and a further four started after the first group had been jettisoned. It would have been capable of lofting a payload of up to 34,000 kilograms into low orbit.

The resin kit consists of the S-II base/heatshield, five sea-level J-2 engines with insulating batting, and 12 boosters

Resin parts

Completed model, with various payload configurations


Price 9.00 + p&p