Shuttle Orbiter Type 2


This model represents a space shuttle orbiter used to ferry crew and cargo to and from Mars orbit. It has a very large swept wing ( due to the thin Martian atmosphere it is designed to work in ) and can be built with either a T-tail or canards, or a combination of the two.

The finished model is 26cm long with a wingspan of 44cm. Scale - well as a speculative design its scale is open to interpretation. It could be a small shuttle to 1/72/25mm scale, or a larger one to 1/144 scale.

The kit comprises 32 resin parts, including optional wheeled or ski landing gear and optional canards, and includes decals for PanAm ( both pre and post 1955 logo ), American Airlines ( 50s and 60s versions ), NASA, and NACA ( forerunner of NASA ), or of course you can use your own decals to create an individual shuttle ( as I did - the prototypes carry the names of some of my favourite authors ).

Both configurations together

Canard version


T-tail version



Price 30.00 + p&p