1/48 Mercury Redstone


The Mercury Redstone launched the first American astronauts into space.


The complete kit comprises 27 resin parts, stands approx. 50cm tall when completed, and includes decals for the two manned Mercury Redstone missions. It also includes Mercury capsule bodies for each mission - Carpenter's 'Freedom 7' had round portholes, while Grissom's 'Liberty Bell 7' had a rectangular window. The kit is also available as a conversion kit for the Glencoe 1/48 Jupiter C kit, and both kits are available without the Mercury capsule for those who already own the Revell/Monogram Mercury kit..

Resin parts for complete kit


Conversion kit


Price - Complete kit 35.00 plus P&P, or 30.00 without Mercury

Conversion kit 17.00 plus P&P , or 12.00 without the Mercury