1/72 X-20 Dyna Soar & Titan


During the 1960s the US Air Force had a programme for a manned spaceplane called the X-20 Dyno Soar. More information on the project can be found here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_X-20_Dyna-Soar


For suborbital missions the vehicle would be launched atop a Titan II launcher, with fins added to it to offset the aerodynamic effect of the X-20


The resin parts for this version are shown below - note that the pics below show my original prototype. Since these were take I have been supplied with the correct fin sizes by someone who worked for Boeing on the X-20 project, and revised fins are now included in the kit.



Orbital mission would use the more powerful Titan IIIC launcher. Interestingly although all contemporary illustrations show it with the standard IIIC 5 segment solid boosters several sources state that it would actually have used 4 segment boosters to avoid excessive aerodynamic forces on the X-20 - to simplify construction I suspect a dummy segment would have been inserted in the boosters to allow the standard attachment points to be retained.


The resin parts for this model are shown below, including 2 solid boosters and TransStage upper stage




Suborbital version 32.00 plus P&P

Orbital Version 70.00 plus P&P

X-20 and adapter only 14.00 plus P&P

X-20, adapter, and Transtage 20.00 plus P&P