1/72 Imperial Navy Gig

A 20DT non-starship, the gig may be carried by a larger starship to act as a launch or ferry, or for a wide assortment

of tasks which the larger ship cannot perform due to its size. The gig can also be used as a lifeboat.

Although it was originally designed for Imperial Navy use, the design was found to be eminently suitable for many

non-military puposes, and a large number are operated by private concerns or owner/Captains.


1/72 model spacecraft, based on the Imperial Navy gig in the Traveller roleplaying game.

The model is 31 cm long, 20 cm wide, and 8 cm high

The model is offered as a ready-built display model.

Customers can select from a range of options as listed below:

Unpainted ( primed white, cockpit interior will be painted ) 80.00

Painted ( customer selects colour scheme/ship name ) 120.00

Optional extended landing gear add 20.00

Optional lighting, comprising cockpit, engines, port & starboard nav lights, upper and lower flashing anti-collision lights

( replaced by landing lights if gear-down option selected ) add 20


The model is hand-made to order, so some details such as panel lines may vary, and may take up to 2 months to complete. Each model is supplied with certificate similar to that shown below, signed by myself

Contact me martin@martins-models.co.uk to discuss ordering details


More photos of the prototype model