1/72 Type-S Scoutship


“Come for one last look at her sir ?” the pad tech asked the retired spaceman gazing up at the battered scoutship in the landing bay

The man acknowledged the tech’s comment with a grunt, still looking at the bright orange hull, scored and

stained from hundreds of atmospheric entries and decades in space, panels warped from extreme heat and the stress of hyperspace.

Through all that she’d kept him safe, been his home through many a dangerous mission….

“I hear she’s to be sold for scrap – now the Class 12s are in full production there’s no need to keep these old Class 9s in service….especially as one as beat up as this one is !” the pad rat continued

“Not this one” he replied.

It had taken every credit he had, and every favour he could call in, but…..

“I just bought it !”


1/72 model scout starship, based on the Type S design in the Traveller roleplaying game.

Features rotating weapons turret, detailed cockpit, and opening cargo bay with interior. Includes display stand.

The model is 53 cm long, 33 cm wide, and 13 cm high

Although I originally planned to offer this as a kit, its size and complexity made that impossible, so I now offer it as a ready-built display model.

Customers can select from a range of options as listed below:

Unpainted ( primed white ), non-opening cargo bay ( cockpit interior will be painted ) 220.00

Unpainted ( primed white ), opening cargo bay ( cockpit and cargo bay will be painted ) 240.00

Painted, non-opening cargo bay ( customer selects colour scheme/ship name ) 280.00

Painted, opening cargo bay ( customer selects colour scheme/ship name ) 300.00

Optional extended landing gear add 20.00

Optional lighting, comprising cockpit, engines, port & starboard nav lights, upper and lower flashing anti-collision lights

( replaced by landing lights if gear-down option selected ), cargo bay ( if opening bay selected ) add 30


The model is hand-made to order, so some details such as panel lines may vary, and may take up to 3 months to complete. Each model is supplied with certificate similar to that shown below, signed by myself

Contact me martin@martins-models.co.uk to discuss ordering details


More photos of the prototype model