1/350 Smallcraft



Smallcraft are the ubiquitous non-starships found all over the galaxy, often carried as auxiliary craft by larger starships. Available in a wide range of sizes, they are often customised to meet the needs of a particular role.


80DT Aero Shuttle

Almost as large as a Type S scout starship, the Aero Shuttle is oftenconfigured with a large passenger cabin, or as a cargo carrier.


The model is 9cm long and consists of four resin parts. Scroll down for prices.


50DT Cutter

50 DT Cutter, often carried by the larger starships as an auxiliary. The hull is equivalent to four deckplan squares wide. The model is 9cm long and consists of two parts


40DT Launch

Measuring 8cm long, the model is cast in two parts. The narrower hull is equivalent to 3 squares wide on a deck plan.


50DT Pinnace

Sharing a similar basic hull with the Cutter, the Pinnace is 9cm long and moulded in four parts.


30DT Ship's Boat

Essentially a shorter version of the Cutter, the model is 6cm long


20DT Gig

A shorter version of the Launch, the Gig model is 5.5cm long


10DT Pod

The smallest model, the Pod measures 4cm long


50DT Modular Cutter

Based on the same drive and control sections as the Cutter, the Modular Cutter can accept a range of modules in its centre section. Currently available are a passenger/general purpose module, a bulk cargo module, and a tanker module.

The model is 9cm long

Prices ( all plus P&P )

80DT Aero Shuttle 5.00

50DT Cutter 3.50

50DT Pinnace 4.00

40DT Launch 3.00

30DT Boat 2.50

20DT Gig 2.00

10DT Pod 1.00

50DT Modular Cutter with 3 Modules 8.00

Additional Modules 2.00

Smallcraft Bundle 1 - includes Cutter, Launch, Boat, Gig, & Pod - 10.00 ( saves 2.00 on individual prices )

Smallcraft Bundle 2 - includes Aero Shuttle, Pinnace, Imperial Gig, & Pod - 10.00 ( saves 2.00 on individual prices )