Resin Model FAQ

Q. Do I need to wash the resin parts before assembly ?

A. Yes, I recommend washing in warm soapy water to remove any casting residue which may affect paint adhesion

Q. How do I remove excess resin ?

A. Excess resin can be removed using a razor saw for large parts, or simply sanding smaller parts. To avoid dust inhalation I recommend either wet-sanding or use of a mask.

Q. How do I fix warped parts ?

A. It is not uncommon for parts to warp slightly after being removed from the mould, especially thin parts. To reshape them, carefully place them in hot ( boiling ) water to soften the plastic, reshape, then cool with cold water to re-set the plastic.

Q. What glue should I use ?

A. For the vast majority of resin parts, cyanoacrylate superglue is ideal – use the gel type if the surfaces to be joined are irregular or if there is a small gap to be filled, otherwise the liquid type is fine. For large parts, or ones that may require their position adjusting once glued, use epoxy resin.